Rana Mukherji

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Rana Mukherji

Founder & CEO

Rana Mukherji is the Founder and CEO of Hotelier Mart, the hotel booking platform powered by Hoteliercoin set to address the biggest challenges travelers and hoteliers face on a daily basis.

For the past 20 years, Rana has been managing, operating and running luxury hotels across the Middle East, India, North America and Africa, working with some of the leading brands in the industry, including Marriott, Regent, and Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. Most recently, Rana has served as the General Manager Hospitality for IFA Hotel Investments and spearheaded a Bespoke Hotels Middle East & Africa joint venture.

Fascinated by the boundless potential that blockchain brings to the hospitality industry, Rana set out on a mission to build a legacy that will power the greatest change the hospitality industry has seen in decades.

Company Website: https://hoteliercoin.io/

Hotel Booking Website: https://hoteliermart.com/

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